Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Short Prayer

Lord, help me to grow

in love for You
and in trust of Your
care and concern.
Teach me to pray
"in Your name,"
according to Your
character, and to
rejoice in the answer
You give me --
yes, no, wait, grow -
as a sign of Your
fatherly love for us.

John Guest

Thank you Lord for this morning. We are very much thankful for all the blessings you gave us. For all the challenges we are encountering each day. I know you are teaching us to be strong and for molding us to a character that you want us to be. We thank you for our family and friends. 

We pray that you will be our Lord of our family and over our work. Bless the hands of our work. May it produce results that are pleasing to you. Give us what you think is good for us. We trust you and we are willing to wait for the right time and opportunity.

May you forgive our sins and lead us not into things that will destroy us. 

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